Fresh ginseng root from South Korea

Compounds which include ginseng have been very popular for centuries. Ginseng's constituents and their proven benefits have been the subject of reliable empirical research. The quality of Korean panax ginseng is particularly appreciated throughout the world.

The very young ginseng roots are also used in Korea for cooking.

We collaborate with our Korean wasabi supplier to source fresh ginseng roots from a farm in South Korea.

These fresh roots have been growing for at least 7 years, and correspond to the highest-grade quality that's available in the market.

Our supplier regularly consumes ginseng himself, and frequently uses the fresh root to prepare a ginseng tea.

The fresh root is cut into thin slices and put in a jar with added honey; this is then placed in the refrigerator. This makes it very easy to prepare a delicious infusion every day, over a period of several weeks.

The picture shows a ginseng root that's been growing for 7 years, as supplied by AgroDirect.

Frische Panax Ginsengwurzel aus Korea

In addition to microbiological aspects, we also regularly monitor any possible pesticide pollution on the fresh ginseng roots we've imported. If requested, we can send our customers the respective certificates of analysis.






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